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“Historically accurate, A Seeping Wound is a dark story of human cruelty, and an ode to the preeminence of the human spirit.”


“Darryl Wimberley’s A Seeping Wound takes the reader into the lawless, violent realm of Florida’s turpentine camps of the 1920s. Captain Henry Riggs oversees the Blue Turtle camp, a place where forced labor, prostitution and punishment in “the box” define the lives of anyone unlucky enough to end up there. Scott Hampton risks his life searching for his missing sister, Sarah, and her husband, Franklin Breaux, both held prisoner by the vicious Riggs. The fate of Hampton, the Breauxs, and others depends on the courage and daring of Martha LongFoot, a Muscogee woman who has herself spent most of her life as a slave in Riggs’s camp. In this meticulously researched narrative, Wimberley offers us not only a detailed view of a portion of Florida history, but also a carefully drawn and credible set of characters such as Martha who bring this past to life.” — Catherine Rainwater, Professor of English literature at St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas

“Myth and plausible reality merge seamlessly in Paul Bunyan, Darryl Wimberly’s fictional account of Bunyan as a mortal man who became the subject of legend.”


indiefab awardForeword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner, Gold, General (Adult Fiction)

“Paul Bunyan is reimagined as a man, not a myth, whose personality is giant but whose challenges are all too human. Myth and plausible reality merge seamlessly in Paul Bunyan, Darryl Wimberly’s fictional account of Bunyan as a mortal man who became the subject of legend. The tale begins with Bunyan, elderly and illiterate, asking lifelong friend and lumber-camp accountant Johnny Inkslinger to write down the story of his life. The account takes us back to Paul’s mysterious beginnings as a foundling abandoned in the winter woods, his upbringing with loving adoptive parents, and his growth into a redheaded logger “just under seven feet tall” with shoulders “two axe handles wide.” Paul is a giant of a man, but not a giant; nor, as his life unfolds across the next two decades, does he enjoy special protection from grief, anger, love, or loss. The author’s decision to tell Paul’s story through his friend puts the myth into a realistic context and allows for greater insight into his character…” — Susan Waggoner, Foreword Clarion Reviews

featured author DANIEL CURZON

“He has been everywhere, he has met everyone, and now that he has your attention, he is going to let you know exactly what he has been thinking about them all these years. The result is a blunt, hilarious, page-turning ride that is, to use the cliché, impossible to put down.” – Philip Clark

featured author MAURO MEVLUD MARTINO

“Martino aims to illuminate men and women from within, to depict the conscious mind as the only expression of deeper human needs, the soul’s search for a more profound meaning in a spiritually arid world. He takes his reader on a mystical journey in a lifelike natural flow, which finally crystallizes in his ultimate message of the oneness of the human heart.” – Dr. Zeynep Apaydin, University of Marmara


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