GHULAM QADIR KHAN DAUR belongs to North Waziristan Agency, Tribal Areas of Pakistan. He did his masters in Economics and attended ISS, The Hague, Netherlands and IDPM, Manchester University, England to specialize in rural development. He joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1984 and served as Deputy Commissioner and Political Agent in the tribal areas. In senior positions, he was Secretary Law and Order and Secretary Finance for tribal areas.

Since the rise of militancy, he represented tribal areas in Dubai process, Wilton Park conferences in England and almost all briefings /presentations made to local and foreign delegations and has written articles on the tribal areas for reputed newspapers. He is the founding Chairperson of, a web magazine on tribal areas and the Chairperson of the Society for the Protection of Rights of Tribes (SPORT) which is advocating and raising awareness against discrimination against tribal people. He has dedicated himself to improve the lot of tribesmen. Ghulam Qadir Khan combines scholarship and experience making him a trustworthy guide. He is ideally placed to write about Waziristan, his own people.

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