Rollins of Stone House

...until he comes of an age and is turned out…

Rollins of Stone House (English Edition)
by J. L. SkirvinCIBA

The child known simply as Rollins by way of the police report is delivered to the stone fortress that is Holy Father’s House of Lambs Found where he is settled into the shelter of young Sister Elizabeth’s arms. The chief of police tries to reassure Monsignor Philippe the child’s stay is only for the night until its parents are found and charged with child endangerment but Monsignor knows that closer to the truth is Rollins’ stay will be far longer as he grows behind the walls among the orphans and salvaged abused discards until he comes of an age and is turned out…

ISBN 978-91-87751-92-9
350 pages (5 x 8 Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam)

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