Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others

living with a super-thin skin and a lot of scar tissue from the vicissitudes of the world

Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others (English Edition)
by Daniel Curzon

Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter Than Others by Daniel Curzon is a product of a lifetime of living with a super-thin skin and a lot of scar tissue from the vicissitudes of the world. Whether it is possessed of a “monumental originality,” as expressed by Phi Beta Kappa Reviews, it is at the very least a readable, unpretentious collection of short stories that explore the  purpose of fiction, of story telling: is it just to pass the time, to divert and amuse, or is it to tell the truth so people will know they are not alone  in this world with its bafflements, oddities, sadnesses, and strange turns of mirth?

Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter Than Others is a collection of short tales that aren’t always ‘sweet’ in the sense of light pleasure, but which always hold messages and food for thought in a collection especially recommended for short story readers who like their vignettes sharp and intriguing. One doesn’t anticipate that suspense, drama, metaphysical topics and powerful psychological works will fall into the category of ‘sweet,’ but all these themes meld in a form of autobiography and reflection that succeeds in crafting powerful tales of angst, healing, relationships and life’s chance interactions. Take, for example, ‘O, Ye of Little Faith’. Here, a nursing home sojourn among the barely-living turns into new revelations about life and death as an isolated, lonely man who wants to die confronts the reality of imminent demise in those around him. Or consider ‘Asylum?’ in which a woman who processes immigrants who are seeking asylum finds a way to reconsider her own role in decisions about who lives or possibly dies in the country they’re fleeing from. The overall strong impact of these satisfyingly diverse pieces cannot be denied and are recommended for short story readers who seek contemplative, involving vignettes about life encounters and moments of transformation.” — Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“I thought it was chilling in some parts, but also sweet in others! Imagine someone reading you a bedtime story by Louisa May Alcott. Then another by Stephen King. Still another by Rush Limbaugh. What Sweet, Sweet Stories,  Some Sweeter than Others by Daniel Curzon won’t do is put you to sleep.” — Bud Gundy, Emmy Award-winning producer  and author of Somewhere Over Lorain Road

“Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others demonstrates the considerable talent and range of author Daniel Curzon—a master of both the flash-fiction punch line and the nuanced structure of longer prose forms. Compiling a wild array of humorous anecdotes, chilling tales of suspense, autobiography, drama, and countless other manifestations and genres of the short story Mr. Curzon offers a unique insight into the particularities of everything from the banality of the day to day to the bizarre and  metaphysical, all while leaping from laugh-out-loud satire to profound and, at times, dark and brutal meditations on the world and human nature. There is a monumental originality to this collection, an impressive knack for the harmony of form  and content that allows the author to drive home each story on its own terms, creating, therefore, a mosaic of narratives  that pop with color and immediacy. Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others is nearly impossible to put down. Captivating and imaginative— I highly recommend this book.” — Charles Asher, Phi Beta Kappa Reviews

“I love you, Daniel … for being Daniel Curzon” — Jeanette Skirvin, award-winning author of Snow Sizzling in Soleil and FACE,  co-editor of STARK, the Poetry Journal

“Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others by Daniel Curzon is an eclectic anthology of short stories, where some are not actually ‘sweet,’ despite the title. Suffer the Little Children starts the collection, a story about a kind-hearted couple who are unable to bear children. They decided to adopt a young boy from Romania, despite the husband’s father’s furious disagreement, warning his son that it will only cause trouble. As the boy arrives, the couple is happy and determined to love him unconditionally, until the ominous warning from the husband’s old man seems to haunt the family. I was able to somewhat predict the outcome, but not the provided moral of the story by Curzon. It’s tragically hilarious as I didn’t see it coming at all.

The form and style of this perfectly original anthology reveal an intelligent, dark humor and a highly engaging, quirky narrative. Sweet, Sweet Stories, Some Sweeter than Others plays with and explores all kinds of human emotions and the oddities that are both loved and hated in today’s societies. If you feel alone, as if there’s a great disparity between you and other people, then you might want to read this book. Curzon reassures us that our assessment of the world doesn’t have to be perfect. His anthology is enjoyable, thought-provoking, and it’s up to readers to decide the genre for each story. All in all, this is a commendable work from Curzon and I highly recommend it to my fellow readers.” — Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

ISBN 978-91-7637-349-1
250 p, B&W 5 x 8 in or 203 x 127 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam

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